Location: Hilton Tampa Downtown

OPENING RECEPTION: Sunshine District Networking + Leadership Mixer Presented by Business Wire
Location: Hilton Tampa Downtown, Franklin Terrace
Description: Enjoy cocktails and appetizers with colleagues from around the state, including your 2019 Sunshine District Board of Directors.

Sunshine District Networking + Leadership Mixer presented by Business Wire and the Sunshine District

Program: Status Update: State of Digital PR in 2019
Speaker: Sarah Evans
Description: A high level look at the current state of public relations and how digital is impacting our industry. Sarah will also discuss new strategic and tactical ideas we can implement to make us work better. She will challenge us to think deeper about the real, human implications of the work we do.

Program: I’m Lovin’ It: Selling Fries and Burgers Starts Locally
Panelists: Jessie Lewin, Director, U.S. Field Communications, McDonald’s; Denise Wilson, Southeast Brand Reputation Manager, McDonald’s
Description: McDonald’s is the world’s leading global food service retailer with over 14,000 locations in the U.S. Have you ever wondered how a global brand like McDonald’s builds reputation? Engaging customers starts in the local community—in fact, more than half of McDonald’s reputation campaign media coverage is generated in the local markets. Come learn how the McDonald’s Field Communications Team works with franchisees in local markets to drive the brand forward.  

Program: Lend Me Your Ears — Leap to Your Feet: A Speechwriter’s Secrets to Inspiring Audiences
Speaker: Eric Schnure
Description: We obsess about reaching audiences. But we become so focused on the process & protocols that we forget to ask: What’s interesting? What matters? The result is a message that just doesn’t cut it. The good new is we can right the ship. Eric Schnure, former White House speechwriter and co-author of The Political Speechwriter’s Companion, 2nd ed (SAGE, Aug 2019), encourages PR pros to think like a speechwriter. Be an advocate for the audiences we’re trying to reach. Because that’s how we reach them!

Program: Difficult Conversations
Speaker: Kerri Garbis, Ovation Communication
Description: Many people would do anything to avoid a difficult conversation. Yet, avoiding difficult conversations, or mishandling them, can result in emotionally charged consequences that require a tremendous amount of time and effort to repair. Rest assured, there is an easier way. This highly interactive session will help participants approach difficult conversations with a process that allows them to confidently manage their emotions and skillfully navigate many possible reactions.

Description: Relax your mind and meet businesses with tips to help you in your profession.

Presented by Hard Rock International

Program: How to Write Shorter, More Powerful Content
Speakers: Missy Hurley and Kyle Parks, B2 Communications
Description: Attention spans are shorter than ever, and all communicators are charged with writing concisely, without losing any meaning and man times, calling readers to act. Missy Hurley and Kyle Parks of B2 Communications will share their tips for writing short, powerful content, using lessons learned in starting Tampa Bay 100, a digital media platform that publishes 100-word articles.    

Program: Publix: Where Working is a Pleasure!
Speaker: Brian West, Publix
Description: A brief history of Publix, our culture, and how we go to business each day with more than 201,000 owners. Q&A to follow.

Program: Gen Z and the Age of Sensory Journalism
Speaker: Andrea “Andy” Coville
Description: Teens and young twenty-somethings, a.k.a. Gen Z, live in an eight-second world. They look at social media for their news, and like that news with a splash of entertainment. They prefer multimedia to print, and really respond to virtual and augmented reality. The rest of us are tilting in that same direction. Learn more about Gen Z and its influence from our new original research, and how sensory journalism can help journalists, media outlets and brand move today’s audiences.

Program: Where Purpose Meets Profit: Creating Breakthrough Communications on a Budget
Panelists: Jen Dodd, Nonprofit Leadership Center; Jessica Muroff, Girl Scouts of West Central Florida; Jesica D’Avanza, Round Square
Description: With 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the U.S., including 83,500 in Florida, inspiring today’s donors is more complex than ever. As giving opportunities, donor expectations and technology rapidly evolve, inspiring stories are not enough to break through. Whether you work at a nonprofit, support nonprofit clients or represent a company committed to social responsibility, this panel offers advice to overcome some of today’s greatest nonprofit communications challenges — from making your message stand out in a pay-to-play world, increasing relevance and engagement in a crowded donor landscape and linking your brand and business strategy to drive deeper impact.

Program: Issues Management for Fun and Profit
Speaker: Honey Rand, The Environmental PR Group
Description: Every industry, business and government has issues. Some say that issues management requires empathy or the ability to negotiate or be bold and brave. I say…it depends. Want to manage an issue for someone or give one to someone else to manage? It is better to give than receive, but it’s all got challenges. We will talk about scanning the horizon for issues, and a case study or so—including at least one where we gave someone an issue to manage. Then, we’ll talk about an issue you may be facing.

Program: Tampa Bay Water
Speaker: TBD
Description: TBD

Program: TBD
Speaker: Debra Peterson, APR, PRSA National Chair
Description: TBD  

The 2019 Radiance Awards recipients will also be announced at the luncheon, and new APRs will be pinned.  

Radiance Awards Presented by AAA – The Auto Club Group

Program: Supercharge Your Social Media Strategy
Panelists: Natan Edelsburg; Muck Rack; Gina Morales, Hard Rock International; Kate Krumsieg, SPARK
Description: Social media has transformed the way communication professionals can reach and influence an audience. But how do you capture their attention? And how do you manage the message? Join us and learn proven strategies and tips for engagement from our panel of social media experts. Representing different industries and backgrounds, our panelists will share their experience and invite you to join in the dialogue with your own questions, successes and challenges. Together we’ll find out how to take our social media game to the next level.    

Program: Changing the Media Landscape: How Newsroom and PR Diversity are the Keys to Truthful Storytelling
Speaker: Danielle Bayard Jackson & Josh Talkington
Location: TBD
Description: As the digitization of news persists, the lines between journalism, public relations, and broadcasting have been blurred. But there is one problem amongst each area that has remained the same: a lack of diversity. In this session, we will examine how homogenous newsrooms and PR agencies affect the quality and accuracy of storytelling shared with consumers, and how diversity is more than a buzzword — it’s the very thing true news and public relations depend on.    

Program: Lizards, Mind Control and James Brown: Insight Strategies that Transform Messages into Action
Speaker: Dr. Tait Martin
Description: Awareness does not equal action. If you want a population segment to adopt a lifestyle, buy a product or support your cause, you have to go beyond just telling them about it. Using a multimedia presentation of real-life examples, Dr. Tait Martin will guide the audience through five insight strategies that can be incorporated into any public relations campaign. Attendees will learn tools to lead people to behave in a way that impacts their client’s bottom line – no matter the budget.

Description: Relax your mind and meet businesses with tips to help you in your profession.

Program: Stressed Out? You Aren’t Alone
Panelists: Dr. Kurt Wise, University of West Florida; Dr. Kristin Horan, University of Central Florida
Description: More than 60% of Americans point to work as a source of stress. Do you feel stress in your job? In this session, you’ll hear the results of a study on stress among public relations professionals. The study was conducted by professors at the University of West Florida. You will also hear from a stress expert from the University of Central Florida Department of Psychology who will speak about ways to help you handle stress on the job in an effective, healthy manner.

Program: Earning a Seat at the Table in an Ever-Shifting Landscape
Speaker: Matt Kucharski, President, Padilla
Description: The strategic communications field is experiencing change like never before, and the mindsets and skillets of even just a few short years ago are becoming obsolete. As dynamic as it is for us, it’s daunting for the executive leaders that we serve, and we’re in the best position to help them make sense of it all. This session will explore our need to view strategic communications through a different lens in today’s information consumption environment.

Program: 40-Minute Film School
Speaker: Paula MacDonald, APR, Image Suite PR | Marketing | Media
Description: Whether a small-scale DIY project shot on your iPhone or a big-budget video with a full production crew, the key to successful video is having a great story to tell and understanding the tools at your disposal to do so effectively. This session will walk you through all phases of production and provide practical tips and examples on how to incorporate elements of Hollywood-style filmmaking into your next client video project.

Section Socials
Are you a member of a section or interested in learning more about them? Stop by for prime networking with independent practitioners and other professionals in tourism, government and other industries.

Friday Evening Reception

Presented by Visit Tampa Bay

Program: Selling Sunshine
Speaker: Dr. Kanika Tomalin , Deputy Mayor and City Administrator of St. Petersburg, Florida
Description: How a marketeering hospital executive turned deputy mayor helped to establish a new vision, brand, and focus for one of Florida’s biggest and most exciting cities. 

Program: Reputation Management
Panelists: Rob Vernon, American Zoological Association, Nicole Paquette, Wildlife Protection at the Humane Society of the U.S.
Description: TBD    

Program: The New Rules of Crisis Communications in the Digital Age
Speaker: Mike Hatcliffe, RockDove Solutions Inc.
Description: While many of the fundamentals of crisis management are unchanged, digital technology and social media have transformed the nature and source of threats and how they escalate to become a crisis, notably the speed at which it all occurs. This session looks at the changes, identifies new rules for crisis management — and looks at recent real crises to understand the rules in action.

Program: How PR Prepared Me to Win Public Office
Speaker: Bill Carlson
Bill Carlson has 25 years of experience as a public relations practitioner and consultant. He runs Tucker/Hall, one of Florida’s most prestigious communications consulting firms. On March 5, 2019 Bill was elected to Tampa City Council District 4. As a first time candidate he surprised onlookers by beating two opponents (one supported by the mayor) in the primary. Come hear how he used his public relations skills to win.

Location: TBD
Description: Relax your mind and meet businesses with tips to help you in your profession.

Program: How to Build a Great Professional Network (Even If You’d Rather Hide in the Bathroom)
Speaker: Morra Aarons-Mele, Women Online and The Mission List, author of Hiding in the Bathroom: A Roadmap to Getting Out There (When You’d Rather Stay Home)
Description: We’ve all heard it: If you want to get the career you want, you need a great network. But what exactly does that mean? And how do you build a professional network? This session will show you how- even if you’re an introvert or have social anxiety. Contrary to popular belief, great networkers aren’t born that way. Some of the most successful leaders and entrepreneurs we know would much rather hide in the bathroom! Anyone can own the room with practice.

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