Kecia Carroll

Kecia Carroll
CSR Strategist, KC Roberg

Kecia Carroll is a communications strategist with a career divided between in-house leadership and consulting roles. She has worked with dozens of organizations⁠—from startups to Fortune 500 companies, professional service firms and social enterprises⁠—helping them build their businesses and their brands. In her role as a senior advisor, Kecia advises companies on effective ways to integrate corporate social responsibility into their overall business strategy for positive impact to the bottom line and the communities in which they do business. Additionally, Kecia serves as an advisor to the Edyth Bush Institute at Rollins College where she established the corporate citizenship department designed to raise awareness for and engagement in corporate social responsibility and its benefits to companies, the nonprofit sector and the community.

Kecia has published a CSR best practices whitepaper where she analyzed insights from 10 companies⁠—representing various industries and sizes⁠—in order to help more companies develop their own best practices, and is a frequent speaker on the topic of CSR.

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