Danielle Porupski

Danielle Porupski, Brick Creative

Brick Creative is a full-service, independent production company in Downtown St. Petersburg, FL. We consider ourselves to be a new breed of cinematographers, focused on creating visual content that inspires and incites action. Brick collaborates with agencies, brands, and makers of all kinds to bring their stories to life through film.

Brick Creative was founded by Frederick Marschall, after years of working with various production companies, marketing agencies, and hustling as a freelance director, shooter, and editor. He recently partnered with his soon-to-be wife Danielle Porupski, who has a background in digital marketing and producing.

The pair understands that brand imagery is crucial to any business’ success and they encourage their clients to push boundaries in the creative process. Through authentic storytelling, Brick’s goal is to help brands and business owners create visual campaigns that produce real results.

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